Fullstack Developer

Hi, I’m Anindita.

I am a driven Software Engineer with 5 years of commercial experience with an impressive background of developing extensible and scalable Fintech products and services for BFSI clients across multiple geographies.

Liaised with product and business stakeholders to identify customers’ desires and build features in high demand, and delivered complex customized products to the renowned Fintech clients across US, UK and India.

Flexible to learn and excellent in adapting to new technologies quickly.

I always strive to improve myself!

I am flexible to learn and excellent in adapting to new technologies quickly.

Constantly improving myself, and trying to giveback to the community.

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What I excel at!

Fullstack Development

I started my career in the backend and slowly moved to the frontend becoming fullstack. I like fullstack as it allows me to see the full cycle of software development projects and I can get my hands on many different technologies.

Modern JavaScript

In the last years I developed strong competence around modern features of JavaScript (ES6). This enables me to contribute across a full spectrum of web development projects.

JS Frameworks

Deep expertise in the latest Js frameworks with React being my framework of choice. The declarative way, components based approach and the great community behind it made me a true fan.

Feel free to reach me out, I love connecting with like minded individuals.

What people say about me

Aaron McFarland

Durham University Graduate

Anindita is a detail thinker and a highly dedicated software developer. I was absolutely impress with her work ethic, professionalism and diligence during our collaboration.


Professional Photographer

A passionate software developer with a proven track record in the industry. I know Anindita since many years now and I am continuously amazed by her ability keep learning and reinventing herself as a professional.

Dragos Nedelcu

Software Engineer, Mentor and Coach

An incredibly strong work ethic, attention to detail and passion come to my mind when I think about Anindita. She is comfortable with complex client-side architectures and design patterns.